Meditate and Create

with Kathy Leader


Join mixed media artist and coach, Kathy Leader, to Meditate & Create! In this prequel to her upcoming 6-week series, she will guide a mindfulness meditation and lead you to access your intuitive creative voice. Through meditation and the art process, we connect with our innate creator and quiet the inner critic. 

  • Set intention
  • Meditation for enhanced creativity
  • Create through drawing

Kathy will guide you into the present moment through a process-oriented art experience. 

Become immersed in the creative process!

“The healing aspect of art is about the experience of creating and not the end result.”  

-Kathy Leader

Meet Kathy on our podcast, Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk & Truth with Karuna! Or watch the video below.

About Kathy Leader

Kathy Leader studied fine art and art education at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. After emigrating to the United States in 1985, she worked in various art school environments, developing comprehensive art programs, training teachers, and bringing art to the homeless and underserved in Los Angeles. In 2013, Kathy opened The Art Process Studio where she taught privately and created corporate workshops using art as a tool for engaging employees. Kathy has earned a reputation for nurturing a love of the art process, encouraging children and adults (artists and non-artists alike) to break free from self criticism and reconnect with their basic human creative instinct. 

I believe that everyone is creative at any age and at all stages of life. As a mixed media artist and coach, I have developed mindful techniques to help you to access your intuitive creative voice. Through my own personal journey, I have moved from harsh self-criticism to nurturing a deeper understanding of what supports my creative growth as an artist, teacher, and human being. My goal is to inspire, encourage, and facilitate the art process  within your own life so that you may live each day with purpose and fulfillment.”

You can see Kathy’s personal portfolio of artwork at:

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