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Let's Travel to Joy in 2022!

A Very MO New Year's Day celebration

New Year's Day (Saturday)

1 January 2022 

2:00pm - 4:00pm CT (2 hours)

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Featuring mantra with harmonium with Maria Novak, Snail Yoga with Karuna, Lovingkindness meditation with Jane Coburn, intention setting with Jeannine Cahill-Jackson and a sacred puja fire ceremony led by Karuna. Please bring  special treats to share with your MO friends at the very end (tea, cookies, etc) and get ready to party!

Our sacred New Year's Day gathering will offer a symbolic way of letting go of what we want to release and of inviting what we want into our lives. 

Through the transformative properties of mantra chanting, yoga asana, Lovingkindness meditation, intention setting, and the puja ceremony's fire and smoke we bless and release the past year. 

MO Friends are invited to bring treats to dedicate, share and celebrate together again this year!

We love the idea of burning 2021 (and blessing it as it dissolves). Let's have fun setting intentions together and burning what we want to leave behind. This interactive event will offer guidance on intention setting and teach you how to create your own sacred fire ceremony at home! 

This is a chance to generate lightness, joy, and a sense of connection. Together, let's keep looking for blessings during the hard times, to integrate the lessons we have learned, and share them with one another for a special launch into the new year.