Digestion and Nutrition for Yogis

A Master Class facilitated by Allison Joy


17 April

9:00am - Noon CT

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What is the yoga of food? Many yogis adopt a vegetarian or fully plant-based diet. Is this a necessary part of the yogic path? 

During this roundtable discussion, we will discuss these questions, plus hear from nutritionists on the best ways to adapt your diet to align with your lifestyle. This is a fully interactive session and your questions are encouraged! 

This Master Class begins with a 90-minute asana yoga, pranayama, and meditation practice with Ayurvedic Counselor and Yoga Teacher, Natalie Hain. The roundtable discussion begins after a short break. 

Panelists include Elizabete Gomes, Jennifer Kurdyla, Natalie Hain, Autumn Righino, and is hosted by Allison Joy.

 Join us to have all your burning questions answered and to weigh in on this hot topic!

This Master Class is a part of the Mind Oasis Yoga Immersion. You can also enroll in this module independently. 

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Master Classes are included in the Immersion registration fee. All Access Community Meditation members also have access to this discussion and practice for free (watch your inbox for your coupon code!).

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