The In Between Time: Navigating Uncertainty and Change

with Rosa

There are periods when the continuity of life is interrupted. These gaps leave us devoid of certainty, with no reference point. But these moments are full of potential. Their power lies in the capacity to link and connect the chaos and confusion of the past, with the transformative power of possibility in the future. With nothing other than our present moment experience as the ground we stand on. 

The illusion of permanence causes suffering, we tend to approach these times of rupture with either aversion, grasping, or confusion. All unwholesome states of mind or kleshas are variations on these themes. 

By cultivating compassion, generosity and wisdom, we can skillfully navigate these unsettling transitions.

About Rosa

Rosa N Schnyer is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Functional medicine practitioner, and a certified Dakini meditation and Dharma Yoga instructor. Passionate about empowering people to become active agents in their own health, she lectures and teaches frequently on stress management, resilience, East Asian medicine and contemplative practices.