The Gift of Grounding for the Holidays: Yoga & Energy Techniques

with Lindsay Komp & Tammy Zumbo

3-week Series

1-15 December 

Wednesdays at 6pm CT (75 minutes) 

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The body and the mind store experiences which can reappear when we are challenged. The time leading up to the holidays, and the days in which we celebrate are often triggers for these emotions. By blending both body and mind techniques through yoga and energy balancing, we can clear and balance our energy and bodies. 

In this series we will be exploring your body’s innate ability to return to a place of peace and harmony through several methods.  You will be building your emotional and physical resilience in order to be better prepared to handle all of these challenges.   

As a mother-daughter pair, Tammy & Lindsay will act as your guides and support you in this journey to balance. They will show you how to utilize a range of techniques that will empower you in times of potential stress and assist you in finding equilibrium. 

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About Lindsay

Lindsay’s interest in movement practices started at a young age, beginning with competitive dancing and slowly shifting into the yogic arts. She discovered yoga as a child when she began practicing with her mother & mother’s friends. What at first seemed like just fun movements, slowly shifted into a lifestyle for her, and her love for yoga blossomed.

Lindsay completed a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Michael Hewett and Gina de la Chesnaye via Three Jewels & Vessel Academy in 2018, a 50-hour Trauma Informed Yoga Training through Lineage Project in 2018, and a Vipassana Meditation & Dharma Training through Vessel Academy in 2020. 

Lindsay is very passionate about creating an accessible space for everybody to practice yoga & meditation, regardless of any perceived limitations. She is also a self-proclaimed perpetual student and always open to learning and expanding her skills.

When not on the mat or meditation cushion, Lindsay is peddling away on her bike, cooking up creative vegan meals, spending time in the water, or exploring the world through her various travels!

About Tammy

Tammy is a licensed clinical social worker, author, akashic records reader, energy medicine, reiki, and energy psychology practitioner in private practice in Upstate NY. Tammy blends these modalities into her practice, and encourages others to explore their own intuition and healing abilities. Tammy’s passion is to help people empower themselves through the discovery of their authenticity and truth. 

Tammy’s passions are the love of the outdoors, hiking and exploring the many lakes in her area. Tammy finds yoga and the practice of energy modalities to be essential in maintaining her physical and emotional health.  

Tammy’s discovery of these modalities many years ago has helped her through many life transitions, and supported changes in her career.  

Tammy’s passion for teaching others the wisdom she has accumulated through her practice is evident in her style and ability to relate to others.  Her wish for you is that you are able to see the beauty and strength that she sees in you.

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