Tapping into Superconsciousness 

with Jenny Fairbank

Free Mini-Workshop

21 October  

Thursday at 6:30pm CT (30 minutes) 

Experience a meditation that will tap you into a higher state of consciousness where innate wisdom, inner peace, and true happiness reside. Life is filled with challenges. When we are in a high state of consciousness those challenges can be seen as opportunities to learn. This guided meditation will give you a taste of what it can feel like to be in a high level of awareness, above ego identification, and receive answers to life’s questions and solutions to any problem.   

Mini preview for her upcoming series: Superconscious Living: Tap Into the Portable Paradise Within

About Jenny

Jenny Fairbank, MSW is a self-mastery expert with almost two decades of experience teaching yoga, meditation, and therapeutic mindfulness. She received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh. Working with individuals and groups through her private practice, corporate training, classes, and retreats, Jenny feels divinely inspired to guide others to become empowered to awaken to their true Self by teaching spiritual practices that transform and expand consciousness. Jenny developed the revolutionary Self-Mastery Program, co-authored Companion for Life; The Foundations for Living Mindfully, and Business Mindfulness Training eBook. She founded Mind Body Yoga in 2010 and was co-founder of Cornerstone Mindfulness, LLC. Jenny is now leading her wellness venture in the Texas Hill Country, Ruby Retreats, LLC.

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