Superconscious Living: Tap into the Portable Paradise within

with Jenny Fairbank

11 November 

Thursday at 6:30pm CT (2 hours) 

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Do you know the three levels of consciousness and that at any given time, you are in one of those states? AND you have a choice? By understanding how these three states influence your life, you will become empowered to access your highest consciousness that provides solutions to any challenge. Solutions can come with ease and problems cease to linger or build when you understand how consciousness works.

There is a portable paradise that lives within you. Not only do you tap into that paradise when you meditate, you can be in that place at any given moment throughout your daily life. This workshop provides insight into these states of consciousness and practical ways in which you can see life from a higher perspective and live from a place of love, peace, and joy, no matter what the circumstances.

Become Empowered to Awaken to your true Self and Transform your life!

You will discover:

·         The three levels of consciousness and how they influence your life

·         The Eight Aspects of Superconsciousness

·         How you can tap into any one of the eight aspects at any given time

 Together we will:

·         Have a discovery discussion

·         Meditate on one of the eight aspects of superconsiousness

·         Share insights and ask questions

·         Practice simple ways to be in a high state of consciousness

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About Jenny

Jenny Fairbank, MSW is a self-mastery expert with almost two decades of experience teaching yoga, meditation, and therapeutic mindfulness. She received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh. Working with individuals and groups through her private practice, corporate training, classes, and retreats, Jenny feels divinely inspired to guide others to become empowered to awaken to their true Self by teaching spiritual practices that transform and expand consciousness. Jenny developed the revolutionary Self-Mastery Program, co-authored Companion for Life; The Foundations for Living Mindfully, and Business Mindfulness Training eBook. She founded Mind Body Yoga in 2010 and was co-founder of Cornerstone Mindfulness, LLC. Jenny is now leading her wellness venture in the Texas Hill Country, Ruby Retreats, LLC.

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