DECEMBER - A Smorgasborg of LOVE

a Celebration with Karuna and Friends

12 December 2021

Sunday at 10am CT (60 minutes)

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“i want a love that doesn't break
one that gives me water
when i am consumed by fire
one that offers me shelter
when i am lose
one that helps me see
that the hero
i am looking for
is me”
― yung pueblo, Inward

Within Karuna's tradition and lineage, no spiritual journey is complete without a fire puja, dedication of merit, and celebration.  Bring a fire-resistant bowl, a paper and pen, and an open heart that is ready to put down the things that make you feel disconnected and to engage those things that inspire you towards compassion.

We'll lean on Mary Oliver, Pema Chodron, and yung pueblo for some inspiration ❤️ 

Join Us!

OVERVIEW - A Year of Compassionate Action

with Karuna and Friends

Past Workshops (recordings available): 

JANUARY - My Octopus Teacher with Karuna 

FEBRUARY - Mantra & Music to Stimulate Compassion 

MARCH - Seva as the Yogic Path to Compassion 

APRIL - Self-Care as the Basis of Compassion 

MAY - A Special Meditation Challenge Workshop 

JUNE - Path of the Bodhisattva: Compassionate Action in Body, Speech, and Mind  

JULY - Food as Love  

AUGUST - Compassion Through the Eyes of the Buddha 

SEPTEMBER - The Intersection of Ayurveda and Compassion 

OCTOBER - Age of Aquarius: Let the Compassion In 

NOVEMBER - Yantra Love

During this year-long immersion, we came together in community each month to learn something about compassion and the application of compassion in our daily lives.