Ritual and Routines for a Sacred Life

with Leanna Gilliam

Single Workshop

23 January 2022

Sunday at 9:00am CT (90 minutes)

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Recordings available for practice on your own time!

“...walk slowly, and bow often.” - Mary Oliver

Celebrate the rituals and routines in our lives that help us slow down and connect to the Sacred. This interactive workshop will illuminate the ways you are already performing rituals, and will give you new ideas on how to transform some of your everyday tasks into a relationship with the Sacred. Rituals can provide comfort, a sense of connection to the Divine, and give us a sense of belonging. Rituals come in many forms-- they can be a set of words (prayer or mantra), gestures, or actions involving special objects (lighting candles) performed in a special order. 

Join our circle to share in a group ritual and meditation to bring clarity and spaciousness. Explore ways to bring mindfulness more fully into the rituals and routines you perform for yourself, your family and your home. 

Bring your own rituals and routines to share with others as we contemplate the many ways we can “walk slowly, and bow often.” Everyone is welcome!!

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About Leanna

Leanna delights in sharing the transformative practice of meditation with others. Her heartfelt desire is to create a container that allows practitioners to be held just as they are, right where they are, so the practice can come alive for each individual in their own particular way.  The inspiration for her meditations comes from real-life experiences and observations that reflect the teachings she studies wholeheartedly. Leanna weaves poetry, Buddhism and self-compassion into her shamatha (peaceful abiding) instructions. She is a certified meditation instructor through the 300-hour Dakini Teacher Training program in Austin, Texas  and is a Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher-in-Training through the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

Leanna lives in Austin and loves hiking, cooking, reading and windmills! She can be adventurous and is fascinated by stories about explorers.

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