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Four-Week Series

Wednesdays, July 1 - July 22

12 - 1PM CT

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60 minutes

Do you yearn to align your life with your soul’s calling? Are you committed to living in a purposeful way to fulfill your own potential and bring light to the world?

Join us for this 4 week journey, where together we will engage in practices to clarify your purpose, find the courage to live it, and bridge your spiritual potential with your embodied life of service.

Maybe you’ve been feeling anxiety, or wondering what your path forward looks like when so much is uncertain. Uncertainty is the birthplace of wisdom, and using meditation, journaling, intuition, discussion, and embodied practices, we will dive into its depths to retrieve the pearls waiting there for us.

These times of crisis, as challenging as they are, are also sacred opportunities for change. If you are committed to serving the world, and are looking to step definitively onto your soul's path during this time, this course is for you.

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About Leo

Leo Bierman is a spiritual director, interfaith minister, a healer and licensed acupuncturist, co-founder of the Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism, co-author of Purpose to the People: A Handbook for Radical Transformation, and currently runs a private and community acupuncture clinic in New York City. He practices in three primary lineages: a Tibetan Buddhist and Bon Dzogchen lineage, a Daoist lineage, and a kriya yoga lineage. He has received extensive formal training for over a decade in many of the world's spiritual and healing traditions, and now applies this knowledge to help people heal and evolve to become vessels for sacredness and transformation.

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