A Non-Violent World Begins In Our Mind

with Natalie Hain

Six-week yoga series

Begins Wednesday 3 February at 9:00am CT (time zone converter)

75 minutes

Non-Violence Leads To Liberation

Ahimsa, non-violence, or absence of injury, is the first of the eight limbs known as yamas, or practices of self-regulation designed to free us from being victims of our own human impulses.  

During this 6-week series Natalie will guide you through short but sweet yoga flows and meditations focused on non-violence.  Thoughts of resentment, criticism, disappointment, or guilt are ways we may practice violence with ourselves.  During this series we will intentionally look at the ways in which we can create a more loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves.

A practice of ahimsa can lead to liberation, peace and self-compassion within our mind.  Only when we feel the power of this in our own life can these feelings ripple into our world beyond.  

Ahimsa begins in our mind with thoughts of criticism of ourselves and others.  It can show up in our words to loved ones or aggressive acts while driving or while angry.  Some yogis believe eating meat or animal products is an act of violence, which is why a vegetarian or vegan diet is common among people practicing ahimsa.  

In Pema Chodron’s book, Living Beautifully, she speaks of the three commitments.  The first one is called the Pratimoksha Vow, meaning vow of personal liberation.  The liberation she speaks of here is the freedom that comes from not resisting our current reality.  

One of the ways we can feel that liberation is from refraining from harmful acts and speech.  Through the practices of yoga and mediation we allow ourselves the time and space to become aware of our own ways of resisting and causing harm.  In these moments of clarity we begin to wake up to the ways in which we are asleep and we can begin to transform the way in which we see our reality and our relationships.  

How different would our world be if every human practiced non-violence in some way?  How much more love and acts of compassion would we see?   

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About Natalie

Since 2003, Natalie has seen the benefits of living with presence has had on her life and loves being able to share this with others. Natalie believes that yoga and meditation can help each practitioner realize their true nature and live more authentically and compassionately.  

Natalie’s knowledge, passion and dedication to the practice shines through in each class she teaches.  Her yoga classes are alignment-based and intelligently sequenced so that all people have accessibility to the postures.  She enjoys bringing truth and humor into her classes and creating a space where students feel seen and heard.  She delights in seeing students reach new awareness of themselves, and finds joy in working one on one with people through these wellness practices.  

Natalie lives in Blanco, TX with her greatest teachers; her husband, two sons, dog, cat and chickens.  Natalie tries to live a life that is true to her teaching style; truthful and full of good humor.  

Natalie Hain began teaching in 2008 and received her first certification in 2012 from Living Yoga Program in Austin, TX. Since that time she has taught over 1,500 hours of classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings and earned her 200 ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) from Yoga Alliance. In addition Natalie completed an Advanced Teacher Training with Dharma Yoga in Austin, TX in 2012 as well as several workshops with Christina Sell in Buena Vista, CO, between 2015 and 2018. In these classes, Natalie learned about yogic philosophy, body alignment, anatomy, Buddhism and meditation. She weaves all this knowledge and experience together to create an alignment-based, stimulating, nurturing and fun class for you!

Natalie graduated from Kerala Ayurvedic Academy, Fremont, CA in 2017 and is now a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor.