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Gina de la Chesnaye offers 12-weeks of mind/body practices specifically for those affected by the C-19 virus and the turbulence of our current world; as well as the effects of it which may include depression, anxiety, rumination, grief and anger. 

That's 12 hours of teachings.

Each session is an hour and entails an understanding of how traumatic events affect our nervous system and what practices we have within our own bodies and the connection of our mind-bodies to help alleviate some of the physical symptoms and mental/

emotional/spiritual ones as well. 

Oftentimes, it is very difficult to discern if the tightness in our chest is anxiety, illness, or both. 

Utilizing breath work, mindful movement, meditation and restorative poses as well as the connection we have with one another can be key instruments in helping us to feel agency and provide some relief while recovering from the virus, helping others recover or simply witnessing the suffering that is all around us. 

About Gina

Gina de la Chesnaye offers contemplative based mind/body practices for trauma recovery and resiliency as well as trauma informed trainings for social workers, trauma therapists and caregivers. 

She is a core faculty member of Second Response and has worked most recently in East Africa offering to survivors of sex-trafficking, refugees, street-children and the women of the Kampala slums.  In 2018, Gina founded the Nachan Project, which focuses on the women and children in the Katwe and Kisenyi slums in Uganda while also training the street couselors, social workers and caregivers in Kampala and Lira. 

She serves as key faculty for The Lineage Project bringing practices to at-risk and/or incarcerated youth and their support staff in New York City. Gina has also been a competitive kickboxer for 20 years and is skilled in Western boxing, San Da and Muay Thai. 

She lives in Brooklyn with her two teen daughters and has a private practice working with trauma survivors at The Iris Kaplan Center in Manhattan.


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