The Meditation Immersion

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2022 Meditation Immersion

The Mind Oasis Meditation Method with Karuna

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The Mind Oasis Method for developing a meditation practice you look forward to each day is both unique and effective.  Throughout this 3-month immersion, we offer instruction and guidance based on an ancient form of meditation called shamatha (calm-abiding), with complementary methods that have been updated for modern times based on neuroscience and the experience of having guided thousands of meditators on Community Meditation™. 

In the Meditation Immersion program, you will learn:

  • How to develop a consistent meditation practice you look forward to each day (It can be as short as 10-minutes/day).

  • How to work with mind-wandering and how gentleness toward yourself is the antidote to this common problem.

  • Time-tested methods for understanding how attention and awareness intersect for the ability to better focus anywhere, anytime.

  • How your intention for your practice is the key element for achieving concentration.

  • Exact step-by-step methods for cultivating the ability to remain present no matter what is happening around you.

  • Powerful methods for calming anxiety on the spot. 

Additionally, you will have access to 3-4 workshops dedicated to other types of meditation in order to:

  • Develop greater empathy and kindness towards yourself and others.

  • Learn walking meditation for when sitting isn’t going to cut it!

  • Cultivate joy in your heart and overcome impatience.

This Immersion is for you, if: 

  • You’ve always wanted to meditate but haven’t figured out how to do so effectively (or feel like you have failed completely). 

  • You have a meditation or mindfulness practice, but would like to squeeze a lot more juice out of the practice (self-compassion, mantra, visualization, etc.).

  • You have a meditation practice, but it isn’t consistent and you would like it to be.

  • You are meditation curious.

  • You are interested in becoming a certified Mind Oasis Meditation Guide. 

Pick Your Time Track!

Sunday Mornings (Sunday afternoon in Europe/South Africa)

Starts September 11th - 9am CT

Ends December 4th

-- or --

Monday Evenings (Tuesday morning in Australia/New Zealand) 

Starts September 12th - 6:30pm CT

Ends December 5th

Due to our desire to grow our fleet of guides on Community Meditation™, this year only, we are waiving the Teacher Training and Certification fee of anyone who registers for the 2022 Meditation Immersion. A $1500 value.

While other trainings give you a specific practice to use, the Mind Oasis Method is instead a template you can use in any life situation, on or off the cushion. It is a technique that is versatile in the boardroom, the kitchen, the grocery store, and on a month-long retreat. In other words, all you need is a desire to practice meditation and mindfulness, and our Method can be applied.

Our expectation for the three months:

  • You will show up for the weekly classes (you’re only allowed to miss two).

  • You will practice for a minimum of 10 minutes each day.

  • You will show up for a minimum of two Community Meditation sessions each week.

At the end of the three months, if you engage in the Immersion as outlined above, you will have a meditation practice that you look forward to each day (like your favorite coffee or tea or comfort food). You will have a practice that is applicable for parenting, partnering, working, and life-ing! You will have a strong fundamental base on which to grow your meditation and mindfulness practice over the years to come. 

The Mind Oasis Teacher Training and Certification program begins the following week and runs through the end of the year. You can find details here.


This is the 4th annual offering of a meditation immersion on Mind Oasis. This year, we changed the format of the Immersion to better accommodate a post-pandemic world.  Rather than spreading out the training over six months, we have shortened the Meditation Immersion to weekly sessions over three months. We have also reduced the cost of the program by 50% while adding in a more robust mentoring program within the Immersion. 

Recognizing that in order to become a global community, we need to continue to reach beyond the borders of the continental United States, we are actively seeking participants from the Australia/New Zealand part of the world, as well as Europe/South Africa who are interested in becoming certified Mind Oasis Meditation Guides. As such, we are hosting two different times that are convenient for these time zones for the Immersion each week. We are asking that you pick and stick with one of the two!

Meditation Immersion Q&A

Explained in 18 minutes

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About Karuna

Leaning on the stellar instruction she has received from her meditation and dharma teachers and Life Itself, Karuna designs her classes to create the type of reflection from which you can find a meaningful and enriching life.

Sassy, fun, and knowledgeable, class with Karuna is sure to inspire.  You can expect to learn exactly what you need to create a joyful and curious life.  Expect your paradigm to shift in playful and potent ways. 

Karuna has studied Tibetan Buddhism extensively. She has taught and guided hundreds of hours of meditation sessions.  It is her greatest desire that all beings be happy and free.

When she isn't guiding meditation, working on writing a book, teaching a Dharma class, or trail running, you will find Karuna hiking with her husband Joseph and two dogs, Ruby Rose and Stella Bean in the mountains of ColoRocky.

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