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Eight Weeks Series


7-8pm CT

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July 8 - August 26

Since beginning-less time, sages consulted the stars to understand how to consciously direct themselves on the path of life.

The planetary archetypes reveal our innate strengths, as well as the areas of life needing more care to develop. 

Through the lens of Ayurveda Astrology Yoga, this series will focus on a different planetary archetype each week. 
  • Receive the teachings of each heavenly body;
  • Practice the yoga sequence to balance the presence of each within you, and
  • Meditate to explore your own intuitive understanding of the inner cosmos. 

Week 1: Sun
Week 2: Moon
Week 3: Mars
Week 4: Jupiter
Week 5: Venus
Week 6: Saturn
Week 7: Mercury
Week 8: The Eclipse Points

Pairing this series with your personalized birth chart offers the most comprehensive understanding of your unique elemental make-up. Learn which planet rules each of eight vital aspects of life: 

🌕 Spiritual Center

🌖 Life Purpose/Dharma

🌗 Career

🌘 Pranic Body (Subtle Energy)

🌑 Relationships & Marriage

🌒 Desires

🌓 Creativity & Children

🌔 Physical Health

Your Ayurveda Astrology Yoga private session reveals specific areas for focus and a customized holistic lifestyle plan from Allison Joy Phillips. 

Tiered-Pricing Options

Supporter pays for your registration plus scholarships. Sustainer pays for your registration. Community is the scholarship rate.

About Allison Joy Phillips

Allison Joy teaches meditation and yoga for vitality, power, and optimal performance. She practices to restore energy, revitalize the body, and rejuvenate the mind. Allison Joy offers one-on-one instruction, Ayurvedic Astrology counseling sessions, and Yantra readings both online and in-person.

She has completed several meditation retreats and over 1,000 hours of training with masters of meditation, yoga, and spiritual philosophy. She shares lineage-based wisdom that provides immediate, tangible results for today’s working professional. Her teaching style has been described as “ferocious compassion.”

 She has also facilitated teacher trainings, opened yoga studios, curated wellness programs, and currently teaches privately in New York City and online. Off the cushion, she loves to be with her husband, Todd, and two dogs, Hova and Snoopy. The Phillips family welcomed a baby boy in early 2020! Allison Joy is an environmentalist and considers going vegan the most powerful way an individual can impact climate change.  She enjoys discovering inventive plant-based cuisine and re-creating her favorite recipes at home.


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