Gentle Yoga with a Chair

with Barbara Gentile

4-week Series - Join any time!

15 October - 5 November 2021

Fridays at 9:00am CT (60 minutes) time zone converter

Recordings available for practice on your own time!

Have you taken a yoga class and felt discomfort in the wrists from too much downward dog? Or gotten a little dizzy in the transitions? Are you recovering from an injury or simply want to learn a different way to move and expand your vocabulary through a more gentle practice?  

Chair yoga is… exactly what it sounds like: traditional yoga poses, asanas, are modified to be done while sitting on a chair, or standing with the support of a chair.

This translates into a practice with lower impact on the joints, but that can still build strength. 

A practice that allows for a slower pace, giving time to breath into each pose, gradually going deeper into stretches, therefore improving mobility.

A way to move mindfully that can help circulation and boost our moods.

At the beginning of the 60 minutes together we will explore some breathwork and warm up the spine gradually. Then focus on different body parts, for strength and mobility.  And go through a couple of short sequences: these will be repeated during each session, so they can become more and more familiar. Once these short sequences are in our  ‘movement toolbox' they can be done at any time of the day, even if only for a five-minute break while working, or to indulge in some self care.

This practice will help activate muscles to find a better posture, cultivate spatial awareness and balance.

Props needed:

A chair that doesn’t swivel and without armrest

A strap. If you don’t have a yoga strap, there are many items at home that can be used instead, like a dog's leash, a long thin towel, a scarf that doesn’t have stretch, a long belt, even a t-shirt with long sleeves or yoga pants can be made into a strap.

Props recommended:

Yoga blocks and blankets can be useful for modifications and padding.

Set up in a spot where there is also enough room to come on to the floor, and have a piece of wall close by.

"The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble” - Pascal

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About Barbara

Barbara is originally from Milan, Italy.

In 2006 she began her journey into yoga. After exploring different schools and teachers, she developed a steady Hatha practice. As her practice deepened so did her interest in meditation, philosophy, and nutrition, leading her to Yoga Teacher Training at Greenhouse Holistic (200 hrs), where she graduated in Alignment Based Vinyasa in June 2014. Ever hungry for more yoga and movement knowledge she embarked on more studies: Aerial Yoga (November 2014), Yin Yoga (August 2015), Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers (June 2016), Yoga Tune Up and Roll Model Method (November 2017, June 2018).

She is passionate about sharing her skills and helping people improve their well-being and awareness through yoga. 

She also loves Circus Arts: Hoop Dance, Fire Dance, Aerial Arts and Partner Acrobatics have enriched her life with new experiences, new friends, and an expansion of her movement vocabulary.

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