Evolution of Shadow on the Path

with Kimberley Lafferty

Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Waking Up

Psychological shadow is a phenomenon no human can escape, even the most advanced practitioners. A spiritual aspirant or teacher who does not have a functioning shadow practice will eventually crash, hard. Shadow is a hidden part of our awareness where the most potent aspects of our human selves hide. Shadow hides both our brightest light and gifts, and our dark pain. Because it is hidden, it is tricky to find. This course will offer a pioneering approach integrating ancient wisdom techniques with modern psychological science to lovingly find, work with and heal the wounded internal parts of our selves.

We will also explore how shadow generally arises along the evolutionary path of human growth and awakening. Come balance your waking up practices with cleaning up and growing up practices: in safe, confidential, small-group space.

Meet Kimberley on our podcast, Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk & Truth with Karuna! Or watch the video below.

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About Kimberley

Kimberley Lafferty, MA, is a scholar practitioner specializing in human development, adult education and extraordinary experiences. Her trans-disciplinary practice includes private counseling, online and in-person educational retreats. She is a seasoned teacher in Indo-Tibetan contemplative psychology, leading hundreds of hours of Mahayana, Vajrayana and Classic Yoga trainings internationally. She is the founder and decade long director of the global non-profit Yoga Studies Institute, and is a certified Stages therapist.

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