Emotions Are Not Private

with Molly Dahl

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Each of our emotions is designed and gifted to us with a survival purpose. Rather than struggle with or fight against strong, “negative” emotions, wouldn’t you love to hear and understand the messages they have for you? What messages you convey to others? And they to you? In this mini-course, we’ll explore the Big Five emotions and preview the What, the Why, and the How (they show up) so we can better understand the marvelous nature of them and how they support us in our growth and well-being.

About Molly

Molly Dahl, M.Ed., is author of The Art of Emotional Resilience: An Everyday Guide to Resisting Reaction, Cultivating Compassion, and Gracefully Managing Yourself (2021) and Youth Positive, Exploring the Unique Genius of Every 21st Century Adolescent, (2015). The 3-book YOUTH Positive series includes a workbook for grades 5-8, a book/journal combination for grades 9-12, and a Teacher’s Guide for easy implementation in an educational setting.

Author, speaker, coach, and positive education specialist, Molly offers workshops, trainings, and presentations around the country and internationally. She taught the first Social, Emotional, Academic Development (SEAD) certification course through Sierra Nevada University. Molly is founder of YOUTH Positive, helping students and teachers explore the Unique genius of every 21st century adolescent, and co-founder of Mindful SEAD, a non-profit education organization that offers teacher education on Mindfulness-Based Social Emotional Learning and Intelligence. She is a certified teacher of yoga, meditation, and Cultivating Emotional Balance. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and a Certificate in Positive Psychology from The Wholebeing Institute.

You can find Molly at www.mollydahl.us

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