The Art of Emotional Resilience

with Molly Dahl

Six-week Series

2 February - 9 March 

Wednesdays at 6:00pm CT (2 hours) - time zone converter

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Also, if you missed it, check out the recording from Molly's free, 30 minute, mini workshop, Emotions are Not Private.

We all have emotions, yet how well do we understand them? How well can we explain what they are? How well can we manage them? In this six-week course, author Molly Dahl takes us on a journey of what the emotions are, why we have them, and what we can do to enjoy more of the positive ones. And importantly, what we can do to understand, and change, the powerful negative emotions that sometimes run away with our logical thinking and good behavior, leaving us flailing under the effects of the chemical cascade of fear or anger.


Based on the research and practices from the fields of Positive Psychology and Emotion Science, Molly provides several tools and interactive exercises to guide you through an exploration of your emotional landscape. During instructional time, participants will be guided through the practices in order to establish your own level of comfort so you can do them anywhere as the need arises.

You’ll come to understand the differences between emotion and behavior, patterned reactions and considered responses, and a life of suffering versus a life of well-being.

Proposed reading to support teachings: 

The Art of Emotional Resilience, by Molly Dahl

*This will be a required resource for the course. We encourage you to purchase this book directly from Molly’s website in order to support her work. There is a soft cover book and e-book available for purchase. 

“I f*#@ing LOVE your book!!!!” 

~ Anne Jablonski, Yoga Set Free

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About Molly

Molly Dahl, M.Ed., is author of The Art of Emotional Resilience: An Everyday Guide to Resisting Reaction, Cultivating Compassion, and Gracefully Managing Yourself (2021) and Youth Positive, Exploring the Unique Genius of Every 21st Century Adolescent, (2015). The 3-book YOUTH Positive series includes a workbook for grades 5-8, a book/journal combination for grades 9-12, and a Teacher’s Guide for easy implementation in an educational setting.

Author, speaker, coach, and positive education specialist, Molly offers workshops, trainings and presentations around the country and internationally. She taught the first Social, Emotional, Academic Development (SEAD) certification course through Sierra Nevada University. Molly is founder of YOUTH Positive, helping students and teachers explore the Unique genius of every 21st century adolescent, and co-founder of Mindful SEAD, a non-profit education organization that offers teacher education on Mindfulness-Based Social Emotional Learning and Intelligence. She is a certified teacher of yoga, meditation, and Cultivating Emotional Balance. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and a Certificate in Positive Psychology from The Wholebeing Institute.

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