Free Mini-Workshop: Embodied Awakening

with Anne Douglas

9 April 2022

Saturday at 10:00am CT (30 minutes) 

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Awaken to your essential Wholeness and Freedom.  Your body is an exceptional biofeedback mechanism that is ever guiding you towards a truly authentic life that aligns you with your deepest heart’s desire and life calling.  Embodied meditative presence can reveal your most authentic self, as a scintillating radiance of light-love-joy and an even deeper abidance as infinite peace and stillness. 

This 30 minute class will introduce you to a combination of gentle Blissful Yoga and a brief Yoga Nidra to awaken every cell in your body to your inherent awakeness of enlightenment and freedom.

Anne Douglas masterfully shares the liberating practices of non-dual yoga and meditation.

This class is a free offering for a sneak peek into Anne's upcoming weekend workshop; learn more here!

About Anne

Anne Douglas has been offering meditation & yoga classes, workshops, retreats, trainings and private yoga therapy sessions for over 30 years.  She is the creator of the “iRest Daily 14 Day Meditation Program”, and is the past Director of Trainers for the iRest Institute.  Anne has over 4 million listens to her meditations on the Simple Habit app.  Anne’s boundless enthusiasm, depth of wisdom and gentle humor creates fertile ground for inspired learning.

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