Brought to You By Senior Students of Lama Marut

To honor their Teacher’s commitment to help us all become better for others, The Classical Texts and Authentic Practices curriculum is being taught by senior students of Lama Marut.

About the Series

The Diamond Cutter Sutra is part of the Buddhist collection of texts called The Perfection of Wisdom Sutras.  It is thought to be the oldest text in the world and one of the most profound in Buddhism.  On its face it’s message seems contradictory and arcane, but Lama Marut – using his own translation and a deep dive into its meaning – explains the ‘inexplicable,’ in clear language, for anyone who seeks to understand the underlying principle and intent of the Buddha’s teachings.  It is the ‘wisdom that goes beyond’ – all doctrines, all philosophies, all dogmas – and cuts to the root of what will bring us to freedom.

Join Us!

  • 11 July-15 August 2021

    6:30pm CT (two hours), Sunday

About Lauren

Senior Teacher

Lauren’s lifetime project has been to explore the potential for happiness for all beings, and to enact it in her own life. As part of that pursuit she received a masters degree in Cultural Studies from Claremont University before undertaking a deep study and practice of the open and esoteric texts of Tibetan Buddhism, and then broadened her work to include other spiritual and humanist perspectives and practices. She helped found Inner Way LA in 2005 and has served in all capacities, including organizational positions as well as Spiritual Advisor and Resident teacher. Lauren lives in Marina del Rey, CA.