The Dance of Sound and Silence

with Melissa Grogan


A deep meditation journey to experience the effects of sound and silence. We will drop into a restorative state through the use of sound and somatic awareness. As we connect to this internal rhythm we then turn our awareness, and focus, to the rhythm of the One Heart of which we are all a part. Feeling grounded, connected, and supported by our bodies and communities, we can move through life with greater ease and discernment. 

“I want to tell you about the voice you were born with, the free voice that calls out with the expectation of being heard and answered.” ~ Patsy Rodenburg.

“The ability to speak from the Soul has largely been lost in modern society and we desperately want and need to get it back. It can be taught.” ~ Melissa Grogan

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About Melissa Grogan

Melissa Grogan is a certified teacher of Meditation (300 hr), Voice Coach, Yoga (200 hr), sound therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and is certified in Advanced Pranic Healing. She will complete her Somatic Movement Educator certification in 2023. Her classes combine all of these specialties into a unique blend that allows the participant to experience the power of their own instrument. She has been teaching, and practicing for more than 20 years. She leads meditations regularly and uses meditation as the cornerstone of all of her classes, private sessions, and daily life. 

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