Mindfully Crafting the Perfect Pot of Herbal Tea

with Ashley Sapir Lathrop


“Each of my clients is unique and our work together reflects that individuality. Herbal medicine offers a diverse way of finding increased health and balance. My love and knowledge of plants informs my ability to find the herbs that are best suited to you.”

In reality, tea refers to the brew made from Camellia sinensis (black, green & white tea). While many of us call a brew of leaves, flowers, roots or berries herbal tea, it would be more accurate to refer to it as an infusion or decoction. In this class Ashley will teach you each method, calling upon her favorite herbal allies, in order to balance flavor and medicinal value. 

In this quick 30-minute workshop, learn about herbal tea, infusion, and decoctions with our favorite witch, Ashley!

This workshop is a sneak peek of a few of the simple but powerful tools you will learn in her year-long study she is bringing to Mind Oasis: Herbalism Around the Wheel of the Year.  

Circle the “Wheel of the Year” with meditation, earth connection, seasonal herb use and ritual in 2021, near the Witch’s high holidays. The series incorporate Moon calendars, herbs, candles, and holiday ritual boxes from Dreamkeeper Botanicals.

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About Ashley

Ashley Sapir Lathrop is a Traditional Western Herbalist, Functional Medicine Health Coach, educator and creator of Dreamkeeper Botanicals. She is a graduate of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, Matthew Wood’s Program for Advanced Herbal Medicine, the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and is a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach. Ashley has studied with Dr. Aviva Romm, Dina Falconi and been honored to work with indigenous healers in both Nicaragua and the United States, along with many other gifted teachers. Ashley holds a B.A in Anthropology and Gender Studies and a M.S. in Education.

Ashley’s practice is rooted in deepening connection to self, community and nature. She wholeheartedly believes that trusting our intuition is the most important gift we can give ourselves.  Ashley is committed to supporting people to hear that voice, listen and act accordingly. Bio-regional plant medicine, holistic nutrition, functional medicine, individualized health coaching packages and customized herbal formulas are some of the modalities that Ashley has woven into her practice.

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