The Chants of the Chakras

with Reda Charafeddine and Danielle Pittner


Free Mini Workshop

Let’s connect to the subtle body, the cosmos, and our inner magic through a shortie but goodie chanting meditation focused on our chakra energy centers. With time for Q/A at the end. 

Meet Reda and Danielle and David on our podcast, Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk & Truth with Karuna! Or watch the video below.

About Reda

Like an Imam with a voice of silk, Reda embarked on his spiritual journey several years ago. With his skeptic’s mind, he has listened and probed through a 300-hour yoga teacher training, ACI coursework, De Lam workshop, and a Vipassana retreat. He leads Meditations and Satsang community discussions to help others untangle the cosmos through their own skepticism. 

About Danielle

Danielle is a natural healer and a powerfully intuitive human who has dived into the energy systems and healing modality of reiki. Through her curious mind, meditation training, and asana practices she’s delved into the subtle phenomena that create our reality and experiences.

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