Heart of Gold: 2-Year Buddhist Intensive

with Karuna

We will study the great Buddhist foundational texts and ideas. Mind Oasis founder Karuna will be your guide, offering the foundational readings and Dharma (teachings) that she has received over the past decade along with practical and inspiring applicable ways to take the teachings out into the world. 

Expect rich teachings, contemplative meditation, accompanying music and poetry, and an engaged group discussion between sessions.

Change your mind. Change your life.

12-Courses and Schedule:

The Ground: Foundational Teachings of the Buddha.

4 June - 23 July

The Sea: Finding Refuge. Thriving in a Groundless Rough and Tumble World.

13 August - 8 October (no class on 4 September)

The Mind: Meditation and Mindfulness for Happiness and Bliss.

15 October - 10 December (no class on 26 November)

The Future: Planting Good Seeds for a Good Life.

7 January - 25 February 2024

Karma: Taking Your Future-Self Out for Coffee.

3 March - 21 April

The Diamond Way: Clear-Seeing.

28 April - 16 June

Love: Is the Only Answer.

Part 1: 23 June - 18 August (no class on 7 July)

Part 2: 25 August - 20 October (no class on 1 September)

Part 3: 27 October + Independent Study and Retreat

Death: Dying Well.

3 November - 12 January 2025 (no class on 24 November, 29 December, and 5 December 2025)

Cleaning Up Our Sh*t: Morality is Sexy.

19 January - 9 March

Suffering: Is Extremely Good News.

16 March - 4 May

Expansion: Developing The Good Heart. 

To Be Integrated Throughout the Two Years

The Buddha: Putting Your Feet in His Shoes.

11 May - 29 June 2025

About Karuna

Leaning on the stellar instruction she has received from her teachers and Life Itself, Karuna designs her classes to help you create a meaningful and enriching life. 

Sassy, fun, and knowledgeable, class with Karuna is sure to inspire.  You can expect to learn exactly what you need to create a joyful and curious life.  Expect your paradigm to shift in playful and potent ways. 

Karuna has studied Tibetan Buddhism extensively. She has taught and guided hundreds of hours of meditation sessions.  It is her greatest desire that all beings be happy and free.

When she isn't guiding meditation, climbing mountains, riding her motorcycle, working on writing a book, teaching a Dharma class, or trail running, you will find Karuna hiking with her husband Joseph and two dogs, Ruby Rose and Stella Bean in the mountains of ColoRocky. 

Interested, but not ready to commit?

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