BELTANE: Herbalism Around The Wheel of the Year

with Ashley Sapir-Lathrop

Beltane- A ritual circle for growth! Celebrating the earth’s fertility, and the energy of growth. What are you bringing to light? We will learn about foraging, magical weeds and kitchen witch recipes.

The third of 8 workshops for the quarter and cross-quarter Witch’s holidays. Sign up for one or the entire year-long immersion. You will gain community and camaraderie in a special way by signing up for the year-long immersion!

Sundays at 12:00 pm CT (time zone converter)

90 minutes

Herbalism around the Wheel of the Year will teach you to use herbal medicine for optimum seasonal health. The goal is to drop in, deepen your relationship with self and spirit while re-invigorating your ancient connection to the rhythms of the year. 

Ashley is an Herbalist and Health Coach with a practice rooted in the Shawangunk Mountains of upstate NY. In this course she leads us through the year in celebration of the seasons, with meditation, earth connection, herbal medicine and ritual.

It is recommended, but not necessary, to sign up for all eight. This course will incorporate Moon calendars, herbs, candles, and holiday ritual boxes from Dreamkeeper Botanicals.

Each gathering will include meditation and ritual focusing on connection to the earth and plant spirits. Together we will honor the Witch’s quarter and cross-quarter holidays. Our time together will prepare you to lead your own rituals and guide you to work with plants as medicine. 

Imbolc: Sunday January 24th

Ostara: Sunday March 14th

Beltane: Sunday April 25th

Summer Solstice: Sunday June 6th

Lammas: Sunday July 25th

Mabon: Sunday September 19th

Samhain: Sunday October 24th

Winter Solstice: Sunday December 19th

Tiered-Pricing Options

Supporter pays for your registration plus scholarships. Sustainer pays for your registration. Community is the scholarship rate.

About Ashley Sapir-Lathrop

Ashley is an Herbalist and Health Coach with a practice rooted in the Shawangunk Mountains of upstate NY. Ashley Sapir Lathrop has been studying on the plant path for over twenty years, as well as practicing ritual and healing through connection to Earth and Spirit. Plant medicine is her primary form of healthcare and she is a Medicine Woman for her community. Her deepest joy is helping others re-engage their connection to intuition through meditation, nature and herbal medicine.

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