Asana + Movement Lab

with Michael and Joseph

14 April -  June 2


6:30-8:30pm CT

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The asana and movement lab module of the Immersion is experiential. In each session we will explore how the body moves and integrates so that when you engage your asana practice, you can be fully present and aware in your movement.  This presence then expands into mindfulness and how you are directing your attention.

We will combine movement practices and journaling in a novel combination. Our experience has three primary influences: 

1) sensations in the body, 

2) how those sensations stimulate memories, associations, and emotions, our feelings, and 

3) how our mind processes those sensations and feelings which influences our thoughts and attention. 

We’ll use this introspective process to expand a yogic mindful awareness you can bring to your practice over the years. 

These sessions are a part of the Mind Oasis Yoga Immersion. You can enroll in this module independently or the entire Immersion.

About Michael

Michael is a musician of 30 years and a Yogi of over 20 years. Michael has over 2,000 hours of Yoga trainings in Tibetan Buddhist Sutra & Tantra (open & secret traditions), Vinyasa, Ashtanga, ISHTA and Shamatha (mind training). Michael has completed four 30-day solitary Tantric retreats and 10 vipassana retreats. He guides people on their individual paths of growth and evolution.

His classes, workshops, and retreats weave together dharma, asana, meditation, and live music to guide participants along their paths with scholarship and artistry. He is the founder and director of Vessel Academy and a graduate of Berklee College of Music.

About Joseph

Joseph Schwartz is the developer of Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminars and The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains. He is the author of Applied Anatomy for Yoga Therapeutics Manual

Schwartz’ exploration and study in the somatic field has led him on a 30+ year journey of finding joy being in the body. His passion is to give people a movement experience that creates a shift in perception. His inquisitive nature continually asks him to look deeper at why different practices have different physiological effects, such as how the tangible and the non-tangible interface with this vehicle we call the body.

Click here to read Joseph’s curriculum vitae.

About the Yoga Immersion

led by Michael Hewett and Guests

"We need more Jedi, not more teachers" - Michael Hewett

This Immersion is for any level yogi who wishes to take a deep dive into the world of yoga --including the physical, spiritual, and healing aspects of this ancient modality. 

Through weekly live sessions:

- learn the full system of yoga, 

establish a meaningful physical practice, 

- engage the wisdom of functional movement,

learn how Buddhism and the science of yoga perfectly complement one another

Students also receive an All Access pass to any and all Mind Oasis yoga classes, meditation series, and workshops to attend thru the end of July

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